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Haining Xinlong Seamless Garments Co., Ltd.

We use the ERP software system to manage and guarantee on-time delivery. Since our founding, we have worked in worldwide markets including Japan, East Asia, Europe, Australia, Chile and the United States.
We provide our own product lines as well as replicate the design and production of samples that you may provide. We also provide OEM production according to your specifications. As Custom Women's Sports Wear Manufacturers and OEM Women's Seamless Sports Shirt Suppliers. Our professional staff includes designers, operation, and marketing and sales specialists.

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Industry knowledge

What are the popular fabric options for long-sleeved women's sportswear, and which ones are best for knitting?

Popular fabric options for long-sleeved women's sportswear include polyester, nylon, spandex, and cotton. When it comes to knitting, polyester and nylon are the best choices as they are lightweight, stretchy, and durable. They allow for ease of movement and provide comfort during physical activities.

What are some key design elements to consider when manufacturing women's sports bras for bodybuilding?

Key design elements to consider when manufacturing women's sports bras for bodybuilding include a compression fit for support and stability, moisture-wicking fabric to keep the skin dry, and wide straps to distribute weight evenly. A racerback design may also be preferred as it allows for a full range of motion and reduces pressure on the shoulders.

What are some popular casual styles for women's sportswear, and how can they be incorporated into a bodybuilding wardrobe?

Popular casual styles for women's sportswear include leggings, crop tops, and oversized sweatshirts. These styles can be incorporated into a bodybuilding wardrobe by pairing them with high-waisted leggings and a sports bra for a streamlined, minimalist look. Layering an oversized sweatshirt over a sports bra and leggings can also add a cozy and relaxed vibe to a bodybuilding outfit.