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  • Seamles ladies, under waist, customized for party, XLST007

Seamles ladies, under waist, customized for party, XLST007

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Color Customized
Size S, M, L,XL, Customized
Style Casual,fashion

Haining Xinlong Seamless Garments Co., Ltd.

We use the ERP software system to manage and guarantee on-time delivery. Since our founding, we have worked in world-wide markets including: Japan, East Asia, Europe, Australia, Chile and the United States.
We provide our own product lines as well as replicate the design and production of samples that you may provide.We also provide OEM production according to your specifications. As China Seamles ladies, under waist, customized for party, XLST007 Factory and Whoelase Seamles ladies, under waist, customized for party, XLST007 Exporter. Our professional staff includes designers, operation , and marketing and sales specialists.

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After 12 years of rapid development, the seamless knitting products of Xinlong Company are exported to all parts of the world. The main customers are distributed in East Asia, Japan, Europe, Germany, Australia, South America, Chile and North America and the United States.

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